The Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Event at Your Place

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Event space rentals add an extra line item in the budget. Is the cost really worth it?

It’s no secret that your venue selection can make or break your event. Hosting your event at your business or home may seem logical as it saves a large expense; however, it may also come with limitations. Every event has different needs, so before you make your decision, be sure to consider the pros and cons to hosting your event in your personal space. 


More intimate 

Hosting your event on-location can make guests feel more relaxed as opposed to a venue that is unfamiliar to them. Often, your location is smaller than a venue may be, so less decor is needed to fill the space.

No booking restrictions

One of the best benefits to hosting your event at your location is that you aren’t at the mercy of a pre-established calendar. If you’re hosting an event with a quick turn around, or you need a specific date, an on-location event may be the perfect solution.

Show off your space

If there is something new or unique about your location, hosting your event on-site makes sense. Think grand opening, ribbon cutting, or newly designed home.


Loss of amenities

Event space venues offer amenities that private or commercial properties cannot. Parking can be an issue on your street, and your guest list may need to be minimized due to spatial restrictions for on-site events. Audio, visual, and lighting resources are often provided services with a venue. If you are in need of vendors, you may find yourself greatly limited as certain permits or type of insurance may be required. A venue will already have full access to vendors for your event.

Blank slate

Event spaces are designed to be transformed. When you are working on-location, it may be difficult to create elaborate or themed transformations in your own home.

Off-site catering 

Many venues will offer on-site catering or catering packages. When you host an event at your own location, you will either need to prepare the food yourself or have it brought in. Any host can tell you the energy and attention it takes to feed a group of people–even just an intimate gathering.

There are hundreds of details that need to be secured regardless of the size and location of your event. Hiring a professional event planner will make a noticeable difference in the execution and success of your event. Whether you are hosting your event at your place or at any one of these accommodating spaces, bleu Events team of experienced event planners will ease any stress you may be feeling and will make sure every detail is taken care of.

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